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  1. What if I call or send an email and there is not an immediate response?---Your message is very important to me.  However, I may be in the middle of fabricating a part...or picking up supplies.  Please be patient and I will respond ASAP.
  2. Where it states: "FREE SHIPPING" or "Shipping Included", what locations does this include?---This means coast-to-coast within the continental United States.  This does not include Alaska or Hawaii for instance.  This also means the cost of shipping is included in the price.
  3. How much lead time is necessary from the time a part is ordered until the time the part is shipped?---Some parts are in stock and ready to ship while others have to be custom made at the customer’s request.  It will typically take up to 1 to 2 weeks from the time the part is ordered and made, until the part is ready for shipment.  If for some reason it may take longer, I will contact you and let you know.  Please send an email or call to inquire if a part is in stock or needs to be custom made for you.
  4. International Shipping---International shipping can be made available although this website is set up for domestic shipping.  International orders should contact me via email at to inquire about the extra shipping charges to their destination.