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The X-Brace is the largest single handling improvement, other than tires, that can be made to your Dakota. The x-brace works by triangulating the frame to reduce flex and twisting, thereby increasing the strength of the chassis. Even though a truck has a full frame, the cab and bed are separate pieces (unlike a unibody car) and don't work together to stiffen the chassis. Since the x-brace creates a stronger chassis, there is a reduction or elimination of chassis and body creaking, groans, rattles and squeaks. The x-brace enables the suspension to function more as it was designed for improved stability and performance in a straight line, handling on a road course, and improved braking.

  • The truck holds the road better; it is surer footed.
  • It goes through the turns on a flatter plane than before.
  • The frame's not twisting as much while going over bumps, evident by the bed not moving around so much in relation to the cab.
  • The truck isn't squirrelly while chattering over multiple potholes like it was before; it stays straight and the rear end doesn't kick out sideways.
  • It accelerates better and straighter off the line; the power goes to the road instead of being absorbed twisting the frame.
  • Braking is improved since the chassis isn’t flexing.
  • The system compliments other suspension improvements such as the Hotchkis TVS, sway bars, tires, brakes, etc.


Note: Club Cab X-Brace shown with front and rear driveshaft loops.